From the insides of an easyJet plane, I’m glad to announce that this week I’m launching the first monograph on the interior architectures I’ve produced along the past 10 years – featuring collaborations with artists and photographers that have somehow portrayed those projects in very different ways, be it in a short feature film, a video art piece, photography, or even a sculptural work.

The book will be first revealed in London, where I’m participating at the Gopher Hole inaugural exhibition – a very promising show opening this Thursday at 7pm – and will then have its first official launch in Lisbon at Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art this Saturday, also at 7pm.

Everybody’s invited to come and hear curator João Silvério introduce the contents of Interiores 01/010, a numbered printrun of only 200 books…

Some of the featured art works were part of the exhibition I curated – to some contestation and offense – at the gallery early in November. The book, however, also includes previously unpublished work by photographer Rita Burmester on Passos Manuel Cinema-Bar, filmmaker Gonçalo Luz on the Alameda Apartament, and artist Carlos Lobo on the Ana Salazar Fashion Store in Porto.

As the crisis is hitting hard, and the European social model is fast coming to an end, I can only say that the only way is forward. Do stuff. Create new things. You don’t have to have big budgets, just imagination and will power. (A lot of will power when it comes down to philistine petty nations such as Portugal.)

If in certain geographies citizen participation is clearly insufficient and our governments are slowly but surely committing economical suicide, the production of (alternative) culture(s) still seems like a reasonable way to generate a critical stance – and, eventually, even a cultural export.

As the financial support of culture is abruptly cut down across Europe – like if culture was superfluous and unnecessary, like if it wasn’t what gave Europe an identity and a certain competitive edge – insisting in the production of culture now represents a protest against stale social stagnancy and the ongoing bureaucratic devastation of a whole generation’s potential.

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