Guess What I’m Doing #07

While I’m preparing my conflation of Reyner Banham and Manfredo Tafuri for the BIArch’s Theory, History & Criticism seminar – which I have the privilege to kick off this Thursday in Barcelona – it is also my special pleasure to announce that my first “solo” show is on its way.

Interiors” opens on the 19th October at Cristina Guerra gallery, in Lisbon, as one of the official events that run parallel to the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2010.

I say “solo,” but I should say “collective.” As it should, the exhibition relates to ambiguity, collaboration, and interdisciplinarity. Is it an architecture show? Is it about photography? Is it about the spatial turn in contemporary art?

Interiors” features perspectives on some of my architectural work produced over the last 10 years by 4 artists and 1 architecture photographer: Filipa César, João Paulo Feliciano, Daniel Malhão, Edgar Martins and Fernando Guerra.

Each of the outlooks that surfaces in the exhibition presents a different reflection on the relationships of architecture and its visual representations, while allowing us to rethink interiors as a source of experimental and spatial practice. A practice that, after modernism, architects have gradually left behind to other players.

A limited edition catalogue will expand on the contents of the exhibition featuring work by yet another photographer, a film director and previously unpublished artworks by Carlos Lobo – an upcoming artist who coincidentally was just nominated to the seminal BES-Photo prize last week…


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