Guess What I’m Doing #06

Part of this easy going August was dedicated to review a section of my PHD for publication in the young but entrepreneurial architecture publishing house Dafne. After a few catalogues, this will actually be my first book in Portuguese.

It is rewarding that a portion of my massive, “so last season” investigation into the recent mediatization of architecture through the mass-media – in particular through Portuguese newspaper Público – is going to serve for more than some sense of academic self fulfillment, the residual article, and, ultimately, the overwhelming capacity of its printout to gather dust in some faculty library.

But right now the end of the month is nearing and it is time to head for Venice!!!.. Even if you can now follow the opening of the Venice Architecture Biennale on your iPhone app, I guess that this will still be an event that actually lives of its encounters, more than of its (enormous) media buzz.

After two years of blogging, emailing, facebooking, recent twitting and whatever else, this is still one of a few occasions in which one can massively meet face to face with one’s network… And – fuck content! – that is more than enough.

After all, isn’t this about meeting people in architecture?

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