Fiction vs. the Return of the Real

Be it trend or fad, as I was pointing out in my previous post, this is a curious turning point for architecture, or at least for the architecture that gets to be published in those tracts of the blogosphere where many people are looking at.

It’s as if architecture – or its desire – is suddenly torn between the return to real needs and its own need to fantasize, be it through fiction – on which, I remind you, there’s a Call for Papers out there until the 6th April – or by the way of utopias now made possible by booming available technologies.

In the latest two newsletters I’ve received from Designboom – each covering one day of posts – one of the featured projects is again a conglomeration of shipping containers, and another a prefab house that presents itself under the guise of a 50’s childbook-like graphic illustration…

But this is only the beggining… So, please introduce your sound track now for Something Bigger, Something Better…

The next one is a bewildering sci-fi freshwater factory, competing with the water-purification skyscraper in Jakarta, and revealing that, long after François Roche‘s avant-garde move with his pollution-eating building a few years ago, architects are now quickly following on the footsteps of designers in their apt inclination to solve very down-to-water problems

As such, also the following one is a clever, crazy highrise that addresses the issue of water conflits in Sudan. And these guys coming from Poland, after Venice they have already an headstart in using fiction as a means to an architectural end…

Another is an utopian, but well-thought suspended prison fashioned after Archigram‘s walking cities, and the next one, again after Hotel Poland, is yet another contribution to the transformation of the Guggenheim museum void into yet another scenario of the near future…

(And, OK, one project is the new headquarters of The Hague International Criminal Court trying to desguise its screaming dull real-politik appearance by filling itself with Babylonic hanging gardens…)

If now everything is possible, let’s indeed pick those brains out for the most surrealist, out-of-the-box solutions for the return of the real – as it’s now being shown in an architecture office near you.

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