All Things Urban

Don’t ask me why, but my fascination for urban themes and city imagery can be somehow epitomized by this video of Four Tet’s She Moves She.

It reminds me of my own images of Japan years ago and so it is also a good leitmotif for linking here into the new blog of a long existing, long hibernating cultural association dedicated to urban knowledge.

CUC, or the Centre for Contemporary Urban Culture, was and is again an interdisciplinary platform dedicated to all things urban, promoting projects and discussions that are related to urban culture and city creativity.

CUC was funded 10 years ago to put up the Post.Rotterdam exhibition – with Rem Koolhaas, MVRDV, West 8 and others – and is now back into activity with new people, to promote, co-organize and be the private partner of projects like Emergent Megalopolis and Once Upon a Place.

I hope that the new CUC blog will also represent an opportunity to cook up a multi-voiced reflection on current urban matters in Portuguese language. Everybody is welcome to contribute and heat up future discussions…

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