My Desktop

My desktop is made out of a piece by Portuguese artist Leonor Antunes.

Leonor, who just had a solo show at the Centre d’Art Contemporain d’Ivry – …. Le Crédac, and one of the artists with whom I incidentally work, is one of those people which are keen to make quite elegant contributions to the longstanding love/hate affair between art & architecture.

I first saw and fell in love with Your Private Sky back in 2006, in Berlin, when the blue plastic ruler appeared in Leonor’s solo exhibition by the same name at the Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie.

Ever since I grabbed the image, this ruler landed on my laptop desktop and became the perfect background for my chaotic organization of the near future. I can’t even remember how a desktop feels without this subtly displaced grid.

Now, who ever wants to have a peep at my by now crammed skytop is welcomed to do so, tonight at 9pm, at the Ordem dos Arquitectos’ headquarters in Lisbon.

I’m invited to be a guest speaker at the WAYD (What Are You Doing?) and, rather than preparing yet another dashing powerpoint presentation, I thought the best way to answer was… to browse through the contents of my desktop.

This will be a moment of pure revelation, including a very sneaky and blurred preview of my latest house-refurbishing project:

As Baltasar House exits its meteoric one year journey across the blogosphere – with one last Top Ten honorable mention… – it is almost about time to unveil my latest project, another home full of “aspirational” and “essayistic” thrills…



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