Dear Amanda,

From where I am writing I can see the atlantic under a silvery sky. It’s a gleaming coldhouse. Small glaciers float south like moving archipelagos. The white peaks of cintra can barely be made out to the north. Enclaves of iscrapers skirt the coast from cascais to the frozen river mouth of lisbona. . I am at a tower grouping in one of the seven enclaves of cap’ricoh. Ahead, a fractal coral line protects the semi-frozen surface where the enclaves plunge. Behind me, there are groupings directly set on the cliffs. Beyond those I can only guess at the empty density of the gelid steppes, here and there dotted with enclaves of industrial multiprocessing. Against this glittering coast I juxtapose the images of my accidental digital excavation. Even if risking blackgoogling, I must tell you about these images.

© Luís Palma

This has been a fertile season for artist books… and here comes another one.

Occupation,” by the photographer Luís Palma, was actually launched in the Art Algarve last summer, but will now have its launch in Lisbon this coming Friday, at 10 pm, on occasion of Palma’s exhibition opening at Caroline Pagès gallery.

“Eradication,” the story with which I contributed to the photo book, is a fiction on illegal heritage and its misinterpretations 80 years into the future. Now, a fresh version of this piece was also translated for a new architectural magazine coming out in none other than Macedonia.

DOMA, the new journal in which “Eradication” will appear, is headed by Antonio Petrov from New Geographies and Sofija Grandakovska, and it will feature pieces by the likes of Ben Nicholson, Marina Abramovic, and many others.

Meanwhile, one of my other first incursions into what one could call essayistic fiction, just came out in the February edition of ICON.

In my post today was FUEL’s special cover edition of a very special issue of icon In my post today was the special cover edition of a very special issue of ICON in which, as Justin McGuirk puts it, they’ve “taken a break from journalism.”

In the midst of catastrophe, the aftermath of crisis and the cold of winter, maybe this is precisely what everybody needs: not exactly an holiday in cambodia, but taking a break from the usual way in which one grows accustomed to do things…

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