© P.G.

“I keep a diary. I don’t write anything in there except the weather, and I don’t say a lot about that. “Warm, clear” is about the extent of what I put down. And with my little watercolor kit, I paint the sky. Not all the whole thing, only about as much as could go on a playing card. I used to put more words in the diary, but when I looked back on what I wrote, I noticed I’d become like a cheap newspaperman about my life, only telling unpleasant things – when I fought with my wife, or how much money I had given my daughter, or a time I was eating at a restaurant and a woman fell off her chair from a seizure. So I stopped writing words and decided to stick with just the paintings and the weather. It’s not much of a diary, but it’s accurate, at least.”

Wells Tower, from “Door in your Eye……………………………………… in Everything Burned, Everything Ravaged


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