Attention span

In an economy in which attention is so precious, it amazes me that I can spend more than five minutes hypnotised by an intro onto a online fashion magazine

And then it is even more amazing that further time is spent on a chain reaction that drives you onto an obscure amateur video or some rather distant memories (of course, one day these two things will be indistinguishable).

But then that’s the power of music (and beauty). This actually made me reminisce of a spanish radio program I used to listen in my teenage years. This guy always finished his hour of great music by saying that in this hideous world the only thing left to do is to search for beauty. That was the other side of the Eighties.

However, today we know better and we’ve also learned to embrace ugly.

In the midst of all the empty minimalisms out there, Alan Vega please come back. You are definitely forgiven.


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