Archives of Re-Incidence #01

Things come together eventually, but it sometimes takes years for them to gather some sense. Like Youssef Chahine said in “Chacun son cinema:” be patient, it is worthwhile waiting.

I’m undergoing this absurd experience where everything I read these days remind me of something I did or write in some previous life…  So, I keep adding stuff to this blog’s archives, as re-incidences get me back on a trail I left hanging somewhere along the way.


I discovered, for instance, that the Post.Rotterdam exhibition catalogue somehow found its way back from 2001 into Criticat’s listing of important publications on the field of post-war habitat – much owing to Crimson’s contribution to it, undoubtedly.

That’s what I call a late but welcome reward on that very first curatorial effort on the theme of “architecture and city after tabula rasa.” (Not to be confused with Ben van Berkel’s retail experience…) The catalogue is now out of print, and so this reminded me to republish the curatorial text produced on that occasion.
Re-reading the critical texts by Bart Lootsma and Roemer van Toorn included in the book, it is interesting again to confront that early assessment of the Dutch architecture hype with what went van berkel over these last years. Like a famous Portuguese retro-pop song goes: whatever happened to Dutch architecture?

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