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I’ve always been interested in how audiences/users react to architecture. Any architect should. Someone who, on the other hand, sees himself as a curator on the subject must, per force, pay extra attention to the phenomenon.

As we all know, blogs have the quality of producing instantaneous response. And this is especially important in face of people’s traditional laziness and resistance in participating in anything vaguely democratic. But, when we’re talking about scrutinising architecture, this may become more important than we think…


Erdos Museum, by MAD, Via ArchDaily

When I first saw this post in ArchDaily, my first reaction was to recall a discussion with a friend about how today the difference between architecture visualization and its actual accomplishment is a line thinner than ever.

Unlike in the old times of “paper architecture,” you may now trust that any virtual projection of a building will soon be followed by a faithful and accomplished piece of architecture. Everything is possible.

As such, before anything else, architectural ideas are today being branded first of all as images that are necessarily performing the imperative to “communicate” a prospective built fact – even if this fact has yet to be proven through actual building. It is also in this sense that architecture is becoming a fiction. Who needs hard facts, when you can enjoy fantastic fictions?

My second reaction, though, came from the instant commentaries on the post that announced MAD’s building already under construction. Between the mere yawns and the more resolute aesthetical repudiations, here is an instant poll on how blobtecture is faring in the fast-changing world of architectural taste

Now consider this: if the architects don’t do it themselves, clients will soon be advised to blog away the responses to their commissions well before any serious building process is undertaken. This way, they will avoid the tremendous risk at investing millions in a building that, as innovative as it appears, it is already considered by today’s influential taste-makers so terribly last week


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